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Council to hear the good hotels ‘recommendations

Council hearing Rental ‘proposals City Hall – After more than two years in the works, the City Council will decide the future of the two accessible hotel offers the corner of Fifth Avenue and Colorado Avenue at its meeting on Tuesday. Last month, the Planning Commission … More information about the HREF HREF = “http://smdp.com/council-to-hear-affordable-hotels-proposals/129101″> Santa Monica Daily Press
New Orleans hotel18.jpg Welcome to the Hotel curb 18 cards, your answer to the question: “Where should I stay in New Orleans?” From luxury digs center of the historic (and possibly haunted) property, which we have gathered the 18 most essential New Orleans. Lee … Read more COM HREF = “http://nola.curbed.com/archives/2013/11/11/the-18-essential-new-orleans-hotels.php”> National curb