For the family:

          There are hundreds of species of animals in the world but only a few of them are considered to be domesticated animals from the beginning of the human history. Even among the domesticated animals there are only a few of these animals that are considered for being pets of humans in their homes. There are working animals and there are pet animals. The same animal can b e reared as a working animal and as a pet in the same household. The most popular pets are the dogs and cats. The dogs however are being discouraged to be taken as pets in certain countries as they might not be hygienic in the house. A cat is the next animal for the job and a companion for the humans around the house. Some doctors suggest that these animals should be kept in the best hygienic condition so that they do not spread any disease in the home. This is even taken more seriously especially when you have small children in the house.

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Make a choice:

  • When you have children at home you have to choose your pets carefully. This is true for the dogs.
  • The cat however is considered a clean animal as it has its own social behavior of keeping itself clean all through the day and it does not litter everywhere but in a certain place which is private away from the eyes of people and it covers up the litter which is very hygienic all by itself.
  • These pets should be trained for several things right from eating the food, bathing and cleaning, grooming and also for the toilet training just like they carry out with the kids.
  • The animals have to be cleaned every day otherwise they are very much possible to catch the pests like fleas and other micro level insects and they might transfer them to the family members.
  • The pets have the habit of shedding more hair in the home especially on the seating areas like the sofas and the beds.
  • You have to keep all the needed medications and cleaning items handy in the home as you may have to use them on a daily basis or you will risk your own health.
  • As good as it is to keep a pet at home, it is more important to clean them always.
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