It is about permission:

          Every person has to follow certain rules and regulations and the frameworks that are given out by the justice system in the country. Every country has a different system apart from the basic ideologies. There are common rules which are to be practiced by people from all the countries and there are some different aspects which differ from one country to the other. The regulations about what a person can do and cannot do are laid out by the legal system in the country.

There are legal systems that govern when the same rules have to be followed between countries according to the shared rules. One must always try to become aware of these facts and try to live by these rules in order for the society to be in peace. If people do not follow then there would be breaking of laws and this would lead to utter chaos in the land. One must avoid those things which are ruled out of the law. There are many laws tm such as the human rights, rights of an individual, rights of a society, there are also animal rights which the people have to follow without ill treating the animals and harming them. The legal studies are being carried out by the people who are interested in becoming lawyers.

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The system:

  • The jurisdiction is the country’s top most authority on how the citizens of the country should behave while following their life path.
  • Every activity that you do has to be within the dictates of the system and one must obey the system and also allow the others to follow them and help the others with it as well.
  • The courts and the justice system cares for the well being of the country and the country has to be run by the rule of law.
  • Breaking of law is punishable and it might be different for different offences. There are certain rules which might appear to be illegal in one country whereas in other it is perfectly legal.
  • It is all about respecting other human beings and being cautious about not hurting them in any way both physically and psychologically.
  • Every business that one wants to start or run has to have a sanction and this is being allowed or permitted by the legal system of the particular country.
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