What are the basic tools for swimming pool cleaning?

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A swimming pool indeed adds great value to your property. Maintaining it well is a very important task that comes with owning a pool. You may have a pool at home, but you may not know the techniques of professional cleaning. But read this article to get to know about some basic tools that can help you in maintaining a pool. Though this cannot replace the service of a professional, it is still important. At times, when you can manage the task yourself it can be of great help. Read on topics online or get information from your pool store to know what the right tools are.

  • Water testing strips: These are strips that you can dip in water and understand the color changes with the attached gradation scale. It is normally done to know the level of chemicals like free chlorine, bromine, and total chlorine. While a professional can use liquid test kits, these strips come in handy for a novice user. Getting a pool contractor to do the job efficiently is also a must and cannot be ignored. Water strips help you identify when to add the chemicals.
  • Scrub: A brush to scrub off algae is another important piece of equipment. You need a strong brush with powerful bristles, like for example a stainless steel one to get rid of the stubborn deposits. It is natural for water to accumulate dirt and develop algae over a period. But this becomes a point of concern as it can lead to many infections. There are many brushes available and you can choose one based on your pool’s interior.
  • Vacuum: A manual vacuum cleaner fixed on the floor is the best option to clean the algae. After cleaning is done with algae brush it starts to float and gets mixed with water. You have to apply vacuum pressure to eliminate them. A manual cleaner can be of great help here because it can reach the nook and corner of your pool. Try to use one with an extendable arm for better reach.

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A surface cleaner is also required to clean the tiles and walls of the pool. There are multi-surface chemical cleaners available according to your pool type. Choose one that is suitable for your surface. Make sure they are not harsh otherwise it may erode the pool surface. Your swimming pool’s filter checks any dust and leaves accumulated. The filter also needs to be checked and cleaned frequently. A filter cleaner can be used to remove accumulated dirt that may be a reason for the blockage. All these need to be made into a routine to maintain a crystal clear pool.