What is the mechanism of action of amphetamine?

advantages and disadvantages of the amphetamine.

Amphetamine is the drug which is used to treat various problems that are encountered in the nerves. The mechanism of action of any drug will let you know about the complete information regarding how it works and how much time it takes to show its action on the body. The mechanism of action will also reveal the information regarding the sites that are concentrate to show its effect. The drug amphetamine which is mainly used to treat nerve related problems it will start its action by converting themselves into monoamines and they will cross the neural barrier at the presynaptic level. Due to their increase in concentration at the neural level the dopamine levels are increased and this in turn combination will show the effects. Adderall is the name which is generally available in the market instead of amphetamine. Usually these trade names are different for different drugs and these are named in such a way that those drugs are not prepared by one company. As multiple companies will develop the tablets containing the same drug. To avoid confusion they have changed the trade name but the composition and the dosage will be same in any company tablets.

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What is the actual dosage of amphetamine?

  • By hearing all the information regarding the over dosage of the drugs and the side effects that you will face when you have taken excess quantity of these drugs you need to be very cautious about the drug dosage and you have to follow the instructions that are given by your doctor.
  • Adderall is the one drug that you have to take in suggested quantities. The reason for this is these drug show their effect on the nerves you have to be very cautious as if any alterations in the dosage will cause permanent damage to the nerves.
  • The persons who can tolerate the amphetamine can take 5 grams of drug daily. This would be more than the normal dosage which is used for therapeutic purposes. The dosage of any drug will be calculated on various methods. Among them the body weight of the person plays an important role in calculating the dosage of the drug.
  • The dosage may be different for females and for males. This variation may be due to the hormonal levels and their variations in both of these genders are different.


Before taking any medication know about the dosage of the drug